The Golden Eagle

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Exceeding heights of 20,000 feet, golden eagles fly higher than any other bird of their kind. Elevating in the face of adversity, they are the only species that will fly directly into a storm and not away from it.

is a global symbol of strength, pride, and freedom.

Golden Eagle Vodka is distilled to inspire.

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Rich Soil

Evolved from glacial till the soil is rich in clay with a perfect balance of sand and silt.

Embodying Fine American Craftsmanship and Tradition, Golden Eagle Vodka is Proudly Made in The USA.

Our Vodka is crafted using the finest ingredients from the Big Sky Region of Montana.

Wheat Crop

Red Wheat

Golden Eagle Vodka is consciously crafted with hard red spring wheat, a varietal of wheat that has been virtually unexplored in the ultra-premium vodka segment.

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Yellowstone Water

Flowing from the Continental Divide across the nation to the Pacific Ocean, these waters are some of the most significant and pristine aquatic bodies in the United States of America.