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Your vodka will only ever be as good as your wheat, and your wheat will only ever be as good as the hands who grow it.

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With 118 years of experience farming in this high-altitude region, excellence ensues as soon as planting begins. Utilizing the latest in farming technologies, several thousand acres of wheat are harvested each year. The hard red wheat varieties grown have been line select bred specifically to this area for, in some cases, hundreds of years. The time spent and experience gained through systematic growing trials is what sets the foundation for excellence.

Golden Eagle
Tasting Notes

Soft and approachable - vanilla, sweet cream, brioche bread

Medium-bodied - subtle sweetness accompanied by toasted undertones

Luxuriously smooth - rich with a plush texture

Sweet and creamy - Long notes of toasted almond and citruses

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Hard Red Spring Wheat

Golden Eagle Vodka is consciously crafted with hard red spring wheat, a varietal of wheat that has been virtually unexplored in the ultra-premium vodka segment. Native to the high altitudes of the Big Sky region, hard red spring stands out as the aristocrat of wheat due to its unparalleled qualities. It has the highest protein content of all U.S. wheat varietals, yielding 13-16 percent. This is double the protein content of white and winter wheat varietals typically found in common vodka products. This elevated wheat complex results in a noticeably softer mouthfeel, with a highly desirable taste and an inescapably smooth finish.

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Wheat Field
Sunrise over the Wheat Field
Black Soil
Foggy Field

Mineral Rich Soil

Family-owned and operated since 1905, the farm sits at 7000 feet above sea level. Evolved from glacial till the soil is rich in clay with a perfect balance of sand and silt. The soil and elevation, combined with arid climates and low rainfall provide extraordinary growing conditions. The hot summer days followed by cool summer nights generate large temperature swings. This allows wheat plants to rest at night, opening up their leaf structures to take optimal advantage of the morning sun and dew. This unique amalgamation of attributes creates a landscape ripe for the growth of America's finest wheat.


Yellowstone Water

Descending from 12,000 feet in Western Yellowstone, this region is the genesis of over 2500 miles of streams and rivers providing fresh water to essential ecosystems throughout the American West. Flowing from the Continental Divide across the nation to the Pacific Ocean, these waters are some of the most significant and pristine aquatic bodies in the United States of America. Fueled by seasonal rain and cold mountain snowmelt, these waters are mineral-rich and oxygen- dense making them the quintessential backbone of Golden Eagle Vodka.

Stoney River
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